Aspen Reclaimed Distressed Pine Side Table with Shelf


Rowico Aspen Reclaimed Pine Distressed Furniture

With the creation of the Rowico Aspen Reclaimed Pine Distressed Furniture, you get a chance to relive certain elements of the past and create a new future for them at the same time. 

The key factor that you will have to understand is that this is reclaimed. This process takes choice pieces from the past, salvaged wood items and reinvents them in a whole new way. 

You will find it to be a compelling and daring way of creating new furnishings, but without feeling as though you've been robbed of the design and visual elements of new items. In fact, once you look at how artisans have taken the past and created a future, you may want to redo your whole home.

First and foremost, the pine used in these distressed pieces are from the Far East. Each individual selection has been given a great deal of attention, and has been used with integrity and design. You will not be getting something that is weakened or will fall apart in any way. 

Often times when people are working on upcycling, they end up distressing pieces unnaturally and causing issues with the work itself. That's not what you get here, as attention has been paid to the pieces to ensure 100% high quality finishes and pristine design flow is mixed in with integrity. That means the strength of the design doesn't overcome the functionality in any way.

When you select one of the Rowico Aspen Reclaimed Pine Distressed Furniture pieces, such as the distress pine sideboard, or large sideboard, you will be gaining access to function and fashion within the same breath. 

Not only that, you will have a visual design flow that is easy on the eyes and can fit into any visual design flow and décor scenario that you have in the home. This is something that most people don't realize at first glance, and it's perhaps one of the most compelling thing about the Aspen collection that consumers have found.

You'll find that the components all fit together nicely, and if you were to add your own little touches, accents, and other elements, they do not lose focus on the distressed pine. 
It's a classic combination that tis not just rustic, but touches on the modern and pop art styles that were made famous in the past few decades. 
Without being overbearing, the furnishings compel the visual design flow without building pretense. All attention to the finer details has been made to create something out of what otherwise would've been thrown away. What you're left with is modern furnishings, done up by artisan skills.
To achieve our unique distressed paint effects on either new or reclaimed timber requires the application of several coats of both stain and paint.
Our specially mixed white paint is applied to selected furniture surfaces over the top of a patina stain, which once dry, is carefully removed by artisans who, over time, have perfected  this technique simply by eye.
They consider the areas to remove or leave painted in order to produce genuinely authentic looking aged furniture.

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