5 Tips on How to Buy Blonde Santana Rustic Reclaimed Oak March 24 2014

5 Tips on How to Buy Blonde Santana Rustic Reclaimed Oak

One of the most unique qualities of reclaimed oak wood is its appearance. Continued exposure of virgin oak wood to the elements of weather and slow aging makes reclaimed oak that is strong, durable and unique colours which can range from dark smoky tones to light blonde shades.

Blonde Santana Rustic Oak provides a light touch and tone to furniture and homes. Here are 5 tips on how to purchase good quality blonde Santana Rustic Reclaimed oaks;

  • Get To Know Your Oak

There are 2 types of oak trees; Red and White oaks. When shopping for blonde Santana Rustic Reclaimed Oaks ask what type of tree the wood is made from. White oaks tend to produce lighter blondish shades with time while red oak trees will produce darker shades of timber.

When purchasing any blonde Santana Reclaimed Oaks, make sure to enquire about the history of the oak. We provide details about the source of the reclaimed oak, grading and age of the oak, storage and how it can best be used.

  • View The Oak At Different Angles

Blonde Santana Rustic Reclaimed Oak may have different shades in different angles of lights. Make sure to check the blonde rustic oak at different times of the day to ensure that it’s the shade of reclaimed oak that you want.

This ensures you don’t experience “buyer regret” and pick shades that blends in with the rest of the home or building.

  • Get The Right Quantity Of Reclaimed Oak

A common mistake that people make is that they buy very little quantities of reclaimed oak wood they need. One batch of blonde Santana Rustic Reclaimed Oak is normally different fro those of other batches.

Make sure to buy the right quantities by taking comprehensive measurements and adding in a little extra to cater for any shortfalls. This will ensure that halfway through the project you don’t run out of reclaimed oak and have to switch to a different grain of oak wood.

  • Check For Impurities In The Reclaimed Oak

Reclaimed oak woods can sometimes have impurities such as stains and pieces of metal or nails. When shopping for reclaimed oak, especially chunky reclaimed oaks check for these impurities.

However with Blond Santana Rustic Oak you do not have to worry about such flaws since our reclaimed oaks are perfectly reprocessed to produce high quality timber products.

  • Quality of Reclaimed Oak Wood

The quality of reclaimed oak will usually determine the finishing of the project. Getting reclaim wood that is durable, strong and unique can be a frustrating task.

Blonde Santana Rustic oak wood offers the best quality of oak wood. For instance, when purchasing chunky reclaimed oak wood you must ensure that the wood is properly dried to prevent warping.

Also avoid purchasing reclaimed oak wood which is painted. Painted oak wood often requires you to sand it down and this can expose you to toxic paint chemicals during the sanding process.