5 Benefits of Using Santana Rustic Reclaimed Oak

5 Benefits of Using Santana Rustic Reclaimed Oak

Reclaimed wood is recycled wood sourced from old factories, barns warehouses, wine barrels, box cars or coal mines; and then reprocessed to produce timber for furniture and house building.

Although reclaimed wood can come from a variety of tree species at Santana Rustic Reclaimed Oak we specifically focus on reclaimed wood from oak trees.

Here are 5 benefits of using Santana Reclaimed Oak;

  • Conserve Available Resources

The Earth’s forest resources are slowly being depleted and if action is not taken soon there might not be any more forests to supply us with virgin or fresh timber. By using reclaimed oak you are able to reduce the high demand placed on virgin oak timber.

Also reclaimed oak wood does not have to undergo countless processes like virgin oak wood which waste energy resources. By using Santana Rustic Oak you also reduce the cost and burden of disposing old wood in landfills.

  • High Quality Reclaimed Oak Wood

Since reclaimed wood is obtained from old building structures they tend to have impurities such as stains and pieces of metal or nails. At Santana Rustic Oak we strive to provide flawless high quality reclaimed oak.

Because reclaimed wood has been exposed for long periods to weather elements it is more durable, strong and less likely to warp. By using Santana Reclaimed Oak you are able to get high quality oak which improves appearance and value of your building project or products.

  • Rarity of Oak Woods

Oak trees take a long time to mature and with more countries placing strict regulations on the harvest of old growth oak wood trees, their timber has become rare and expensive.

Therefore reclaimed oak wood has proven to be a cheaper alternative compared to virgin oak. At Santana Rustic Reclaimed Oak we have large quantities of high quality reclaimed oak wood to suit your needs.

  • History of Reclaimed Oak Wood

All reclaimed oak woods have a history and knowing its history will give you a better idea of how to store, maintain and work with it.

At Santana Rustic Reclaimed Oak all our oaks backgrounds and history are well documented.

By knowing the history of reclaimed oaks they can add a bit of character or even value, especially if the oak is sourced from historic or iconic buildings.

  • Range Of  Reclaimed Oak Wood Sizes

Some projects may require different sizes of reclaimed oak to provide structural support or add style and design. Looking for chunky reclaimed oak can be challenging as most dealers tend to have thin or medium sized reclaimed oak woods.

At Santana Rustic Oak we provide varying sizes of oak woods to be able to meet your needs. For instance we have a huge stock of chunky reclaimed oaks which can be used to make structural support beams and panes.  

Chunky reclaimed oaks can also be used to manufacture furniture to portray an old and classy look as well as add value to the house, building or furniture.



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